If you let it get too dry, it might crack without the right oil. Check to see if a manual is provided with the product to assist your shooting gear. share. Keep in mind that high temperatures or humidity and temperature variation and drops shortens ammunition life. So, to define the parameters of the battle, let’s consider the correct level of humidity. If you do have a very large gun safe, there’s also an 18 inch version available. Lockdown Rechargeable/Renewable Dehumidifier with Compact, Cordless, Non-Toxic Design and Battery Level Indicator for Humidity Control in Gun Safe 4.0 out of 5 stars 57 $19.89 $ 19 . With a dry house comes dry skin, a dry nose and throat, and an increased risk of getting a cold. With a clean, readable display, your customers can know their safe's internal conditions at just a glance. Whether you need dehumidifiers or dry packs will depend on where you live. Those of you with “sealed” enclosures may want to check the humidity buildup though. So far they have helped control the moisture on really humid days to between 55 to 60%. The humidity would be drastically higher in the safe and I had an issue with brass turning green and had a cooper 22lr bolt rust shut so bad I sent it back to cooper to be refinished. Storing ammo in an airtight ammo can be a good option if you have large quantities susceptible to trapped humidity in packaging. False alarm in my case. I use these moisture absorbers in my gun safes. Jan 21, 2008 #1. Steps to install the model: Keep the model horizontally inside the gun safe. In this case, you can use this dehumidifier model to keep your gun safe and the weapons safe. Apr 14, 2013 #13 ZX9RCAM Over the Rainbow bridge... TGT Supporter. I'm not aware of any other caveats or whatabouts though. When it comes to firearms, the optimal humidity in a gun safe is zero. Your gun safe and shooting gears should be protected from moisture If you live in an area with high humidity. Continued exposure to dryness can corrode the guns just as much as the moisture. This is because excessive moisture damages your shooting gears and reduces their durability. Can low humidity levels in a gun safe be dangerous? Jewelry can tarnish and medications can decompose. I have for my gun safe and I obsess over that. The humidity will be displayed as a percentage, and 50% and below is considered to be safe. I received a gun safe for Christmas and am using the Browning "Dry Zone" moisture reducing desiccant. Jake . This is made of silica gel, a material that absorbs moisture from the air. Temperature rises will affect the RH levels: when the temperature increases, the air will hold greater amounts of water. The safe is … Humidity causes rust to form on the steel construction of the guns kept while kept inside the safe; as well as allows moisture to accumulate in the gunpowder inside the ammunition. Steel safes can be around 35 to 40% RH and 60 to 70 degrees, especially during winter. Bellow and above this mark, the safe start to damage what’s inside. Apr … You could have an average of 50% humidity with 180 days of 0% humidity followed by 180 days of 100% humidity and still destroy your guns. prevents humidity levels inside the safe. I have read from various sources that the ideal is 50% humidity. 4.5 out of 5 stars 648. Works much better than the desiccant silica beads I used to use. A Goldenrod is a good device to prevent humidity in a really simple way. For dry places, it’s better to use iron or steel, as it takes longer to warm up, much longer than the surrounding air. A coat closet is also a very good option to place it to keep the gun safe and what’s inside cool and dry. I have read from various sources that the ideal is 50% humidity. I have a golden rod in my safe, that’s in the gun room. As a general rule, maintain a humidity level of about 50% inside your gun safe. When my sister lived in the desert I sent her a humidification stick for her concert violin so it wouldn't warp or crack. I worry about it a little, but not the point of running humidifiers. ETA: If you've got a problem with humidity you should store your guns in "Bore Stores" which are silicone impregnated "gun socks". Basements, albeit the safer place to avoid theft, bring the most humidity and temperature problems. Don’t just settle for safes that are said to be water proof and fire proof. The older the … Make sure there is no moisture in ammo cans before sealing and storing the ammo. With a clean, readable display, your customers can know their safe's internal conditions at just a glance. If you ask most gun owners about humidity they will say it is bad for your guns. 99 ($1.80/10 Items) Get it as soon as Tue, Feb 9. The dryness can affect your skin, and it can also affect the wood and drywall in your home. If you do this, it will ensure that the ammo is protected from tampering and from humidity. You should place at least three silica packs in your gun case, but you need to ensure they are not touching any of your guns directly. But wood is wood. What's the temp in the safe? With Liberty's easy-to-use gun safe humidity and temperature monitor, valuables have never been better protected. As for 50%, that sounds about right. Yes, humidity can be bad for your guns. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. So full disclosure that my experience on fucking up wood in this particular fashion is from a musical instrument, not a gun stock. Humidity protection in particular is one of the most important for most parts of the USA. I have a 12" Goldenrod and 3 large dessicant packs. Wood sages will take moisture during summer seasons and heat up, so you need to avoid moisture and dry it quickly whenever you see it wet. The shelf helps you keep your belongings organized and safe. Cons . You would get the same effect having some low wattage bulbs in your safe on all the time. range. 2 Results Sort By. You can periodically check the humidity of your safe’s location by buying a device known as a hygrometer. There are various dehumidifying products available on the market. Lifetime Member. Safes are meant to protect items from loss, so don't take the risk of exposing them to mold. Some gun safes come with a built-in sealant system. I live on the gulf coast so humidity is an ongoing issue. Minimize Room Humidity. I moved to Tri-Cities from Port Angeles a few years ago, and my current indoor humidity is 28%. An easy way is to leave a bulb running all of the time. I don’t have any wood and I keep mine around 35%. Ammunition, on the other hand, can degrade in time in hot and dry places so, as said before, if you’re storing large amounts of ammo, use an AC or keep a central air conditioning system and, if need be, place a dehumidifier canister inside the safe. Luckily there are some easy steps that you can take to control the internal humidity levels. Photographs can also get damaged in a very bad way to the extent that they can no longer be repaired. You joined the best gun forum on the net. These function by working to absorb all of the moisture that is present in the air and eliminate metal oxidation. RH for wood safes should be around 50%, while degrees can remain to about the same as steel safes. In case your gun safe doesn’t have this feature, you could easily build a sealant system by using silicone. Keep dryness away with gun safe humidity control. I live in a very wet part of the state. Categories Safe & Cabinet Accessories (2 items) Refine by : Brand Lockdown (1) Momentum Sales & Marketing (1) Price Range $0.00-$19.99; Refine by : Ratings (1) (1) Special Offers On Sale Now (2) Close Filter. 49. It is in the garage (which I did not want to do by the way). A humidity monitor allows you to monitor the humidity inside and outside your safe to ensure levels match up with the requirements of your firearms. Keeping a gun safe at optimal temperature and humidity Thread starter JimmyJockstrap; Start date Apr 9, 2008; ... having a fan blow on it will cause the air inside the safe to be closer to the humidity outside the safe. Over 70% RH can damage the gun’s mold and create rust, even more, if the gun cabinet has no air circulation. I live in south Texas which is hot and humid for several months out of the year. You can find these dehumidifiers in a number of styles, types and sizes and they will vary in complexity. My safe stays around 30%-35% usually with the the dehumidifier I have in it. Post subject: Gun safe humidity too low? Reply. link to Best Gun Safe Under $500 in 2019/2020. If you live in a hot area with no humidity you’ll need to take the special case of your gun safe and, of course, your gun. Wooden would work better in this situations as it takes longer to drop the temperature of the air within. Lastly, the temperature should be around 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Check which one is sealed enough, not to let most of the air to sip in, and build moisture inside. Those of you with “sealed” enclosures may want to check the humidity buildup though. I am wondering what some of you recommend for humidity in a gun safe. If you’ve read our many reviews on gun safes, you understand that guns need to be locked up in safes. Various methods for combating humidity are discussed below: 1. ProtectandLock.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. No issues. That’s why a quick solution would be storing the gun safe on either the basement or the garage, where, as said before, the temperature will remain constant. These function by working to absorb all of the moisture that is present in the air and eliminate metal oxidation. Next time you open a safe, see if you detect a slight earthy or sulfur smell. Condensation inside storage places can make medications in them decompose faster than usual. Keeping your ammo stored in a gun safe uncovered for a few days can help extract excess moisture and prime it. Whenever you choose to store the gun, be sure to keep a dehumidifying system around. High RH levels can cause rust and corrosion, so it is necessary to keep dehumidifiers and also store ammo inside sealed ammo cans, plastic and surplus. Can humidity of a gun safe be too low? When storing ammo, make sure that humidity levels are low. The most recommended product to accomplish this is the EvaDry canister, which contains custom crystals with very high moisture absorption rates.The EvaDry is available in different sizes for use inside a safe and they are renewable: the crystals start out blue, and when they turn pink, it means the canister is ready to be recharged simply by plugging it for one night. If they're properly sealed it shouldn't make a big difference except on the very long term, but I'd probably oil the wood more often if I couldn't find a way to bring the humidity up another 10% or so. Check the humidity level around your gun safe before installing a dehumidifier. SnapSafe 75902 Safe Dehumidifier Lg Cylinder- Lifetime Use, 5-Inch diameter. Yes, but it does not pose as much of a problem as moisture. This lower humidity in the gun safe prevents rust. Keeping your gun safe dry and moisture free is critical to preventing your guns from damage and rust. They work on the principal that by raising the internal temperature of your safe a few degrees, you lower the relative humidity in the safe since you are expanding the cold air, creating circulating current and some of the moisture leaves the safe when the warm air expands. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. If it’s literally less than 3% humidity, yes, you run the risk of sparks which could ignite something, or the dry air damaging lubricants in guns, or the woodwork on various guns. I have purchased a larger gun safe and could not put it in the house (72X41X27). You can store ammo in a gun safe, as long as the ammo is in its own airtight container, ... It’s important to keep things like humidity and the age of the ammo in mind as you’re searching for the best ways to store it. I have a smaller gun safe and got a Golden Rod for it just to have one. After trying, moisture desiccant, and a ceramic heat bar, I was still having moisture and surface rust issues in my gun safe. A hydrometer is a tool you should be using to keep a precise watch of your gun safe humidity level: the goal is to have 50 percent relative humidity (RH), or, at least, around 40 to 60%. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Hygrometer calibration needs to be done fairly often and can drift, but I think you really just need a ballpark idea. You can avail of the most efficient information by using this top-quality Hygrometer. I find these rods to be a popular way to control humidity in gun safes. May 17, 2017 SRIAdmin Uncategorized No Comments. TGT Supporter. This should be a year-round constant, not an average. Moisture inside a gun safe can make gun rusty. 87 Posts #9 • Sep 23, 2013. In a years time, they usually are nearly full of water in the bottoms and the beads are all but gone. Either placing desiccant packs or an electronic dehumidifier in the safe will suffice in keeping your gun safe dry and its contents undamaged. So, if you’re wondering if a gun safe bee too dry, the answer is yes. Welcome to TFF Rob! Silica packs are often founds in bags of beef jerky to keep the meat dry and free of moisture or shoe boxes. Another kind of dehumidifier is the electrical rod (called dehumidifier rod, goldenrod moisture control, drive rod or heating rod). Anyway, I peeled if off and stuck it in my safe, but now I realize, I’m not sure what level of humidity is acceptable in a gun safe… I use the Stack-on battery rechargeable dehumidifiers (two) and alternate recharging them every 5 days or so. Humidity below 40% causes wood and steel damage. However, if the place is too hot (beyond 80 degrees), you should consider placing an AC that keeps then temperature around the recommended levels if it starts to rise above 150 degrees Fahrenheit. 0 0 0. The safe is at around 30% humidity. It's unobtrusive, and looks good in the safe. Articles inside the safe will be 3 degrees warmer than outside ambient air, which With Liberty's easy-to-use gun safe humidity and temperature monitor, valuables have never been better protected. It is better, of course, to install the device at the bottom of the safe as heat naturally rises. And this alone can get the humidity down enough to use your gun safe with no corrosion and protects papers, ammunition from mildew. If you don’t have wood stocks, I don’t see why it would be a problem. It has been said that it is equally important to store your ammunition safely, as it is to store your guns. More gun safes will experience moisture problems than burglaries, floods, and fires. Cold steel is also recommended for this situation. I've done that before, sucks when it's an expensive repair. 1. Without a doubt, the best place to store your ammo is in the original can or container that it came in. 2. ... but less accurate at very low humidity, and it can be difficult to use inside the safe. It’s there and gets stronger the longer the door has been closed. Sniper338. And make sure you’re doing all this work on a dry surface. Has anyone even experienced wood stocks being by low humidity? They are usually made with silicone or foam. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Wood and metal have very different requirements: metal parts have low humidity to avoid corrosion, while wood’s humidity is already around 45 to 50%. Here are our best tips for preventing mold in your safe. Your safe isn't close to being airtight so the dessicant is using itself up trying to dehumidify the whole planet. The best bet is using cold steel with a light coat of oil. Humidity remains quite stable between 56 and 66% year round. Thermo Pro TP65A is the Best Gun Safe Humidity Monitor that provides greater information on outdoor and indoor humidity levels. 8 comments. Homes with humidifiers and dehumidifiers can also rely on a hygrometer to fine-tune them. What is the best thing you have found that works, to monitor humidity/temperature in your gun safe that you can view with out opening it? Safe & Cabinet Accessories Refine Your Results By: Shop By Store. Just Right. Can a house floor support a gun safe or need reinforced? Safes are meant to protect items from loss, so don't take the risk of exposing them to mold. So, can a gun safe too dry? Give or take 5%. Excessive humidity remains one of the biggest threats to the safe storage of guns and other personal effects. Humidity in gun safes. You should also be very careful when choosing the right safe for your gun to keep the level of the optimal humidity in a gun safe to zero. The display shows current humidity and temperature levels and keeps a record of max highs and lows that the safe experiences. bag of disicant and a Stack On unit that is plugged into a wall plug to recharge. 89 For example, if you live in a humid city or especially near lakes, rivers, and the ocean or the sea, you will definitely need to keep moisture levels low. There are battery versions available if your gun safe is not cord- or plug-accessible. Rating - 0%. $24.49 $ 24. P. PanaDP Guest. Gun safes are enclosed and will tend to average out humidity and temperature fluctuations in the air. To prevent this, you can purchase dry-packs and keep the gun … When it comes to firearms, the optimal humidity in a gun safe is zero. Share on StumbleUpon. Posted: Wed Jan 21, 2015 2:38 am . Because this safe is battery operated, it is possible for the batteries to die which makes the electronic mechanism non-functional. D. Dradian. I appreciate you putting up, it’s not something I’ve considered previously for flashlights. Is this too low of a humidity? There is also a special section about gun safes and cabinets and things to consider if you are thinking about getting one. Tarnishing on jewelry pieces can happen, cash and documents will smell and get mildew, and weaponry can develop rusts on them. I have recently purchased a 23 cf gun safe and I am attempting to stabilize the humidity within. Having addressed safe and responsible gun storage, I will now address the importance of protecting your guns from damage due to humidity.. Modern firearms are incredibly well engineered devices that stand up to the stresses of being fired time and time again. Low humidity means that your house has a lack of moisture. Neither are optimal conditions for your firearms and both can cause extremely dangerous accidents should you need to fire your weapons. Mine is a old style analog guage, but you can get digital hygrometer's at Walmart for less than 20 bucks and it will track high and low humidity levels. 3,354 Posts #2 • Jul 7, 2015. Too low or dry in a safe and the wood grips and stocks on firearms will dry out and start cracking. Last edited: Apr 14, 2013. In conclusion, you should prioritize the risks you want to avoid to select the placement of the gun safe, and also asses the protection or use you want your gun to have inside your household. It'll negate the effect of the dehumidifier. These include incubators, saunas, greenhouses, humidors, painting, and coating, to name but a few. As far as I knew, my humidity level was fine until I got my hygrometer.